For the past five decades, we have proudly served as an industrial manufacturers representative in the southeastern United States. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to our partners have been the cornerstones of our success. Our comprehensive offerings include supply chain intelligencechannel support, and training. Our commitment to excellence lies in a user-centric approach, where we seamlessly integrate education, training, and strategic initiatives to deliver impactful results.

Notably, we prioritize user-centric solutions, meticulously addressing specific needs in manufacturing processes, materials, and compliance. Remarkably, all of this is accomplished without imposing any additional cost on the supply chain. Pittman’s approach involves educating and training channel partners, who play a crucial role in facilitating sales of product to user segments.

Our unwavering focus revolves around productinitiativesstrategy, and results.

Consultative Selling

  • Keeps the buyer more engaged – Customers are more confident in their purchasing decisions when sellers take the time to understand their unique problems, obstacles, and objectives. Instead of treating them like just another prospect or coming across as pushy, reps offer their buyers valuable information and resources to engage their interest.
  • Ensures stronger relationships – Consumers say that trustworthiness and responsiveness in sales reps are the two most essential qualities they look for when making a purchase. Consultative selling encourages sellers to put themselves in the buyers’ shoes to build credibility and long-lasting, positive relationships.
  • Shortens the sales cycle – Building buyer trust and commitment are vital for speeding up your sales cycle, and a consultative approach helps reps do just that. Salespeople consistently demonstrate that they understand where the buyer is coming from, and offer specific, personalized solutions that help drive sales across the finish line faster.
  • Improves alignment – 69% of sales leaders report that buyers are asking about their stance on social justice, and nearly half believe this ask will increase in importance over the next two years. With consultative selling, reps take the time to research and discuss their prospects’ company culture, values, social efforts and more to ensure personable connections and better customer alignment.
  • Leads to bigger opportunities – Consultative selling requires reps to gain a deep understanding of their customers’ pain points and challenges. Through actively listening to their prospects, sellers can discover previously unrecognized need to crack into larger accounts or new markets.
  • Offers a competitive advantage – As buyers consider their options, they seek out providers who provide consistently excellent experiences and have positive reputations. In fact, 92% of people trust a word of mouth recommendation over any other type of referral, so a consultative approach — which builds brand loyalty and instills confidence — can become a valuable differentiator that gives your organization an edge over its competitors.
    Serena Miller, A step-by-step approach to consultative selling | Outreach