Steel Mills and Steel Processor Segment

Segment Brief

The steel business in our HQ base of Birmingham stretches back to the ’50s. Rich iron ore reserves in the Birmingham area provided cast iron and steel minerals, and this segment flourished. While the area has been through peaks and valleys of the steel manufacturing segment, today, our customers produce, process, and sell steel and cast iron for automotive, oil and gas, fabrication, water, shipbuilding, consumer durable goods, and general industrial use.

Waterways, rail, and over-the-road freight are all methods used in the transport of these products. The waterways deliver scrap and other minerals used in the manufacture of steel. After the steel production, the processors manufacture components. These components manufactured in many of our different Segments include the steel processing sector. With an abundance of steel rolls, these processors have located near the mills and produce the shapes needed for infrastructure, automobiles, consumer durables, canned goods, and drink cans, ordinance, and many other products.

Alro Steel
Mital Nippon
O’Neal Steel
US Steel