Traditional Distribution Channel

Channel Brief

The Traditional Industrial Distributor provides the user with products and services in a regional geographic area. This channel offers local inventory with branches where user segment product delivery is beneficial. Many Traditional Distributors specialize in areas that support specific user segments while others remain strong general mill supply oriented.

Traditional distribution was the core channel in 1973, and for the past 49 years, our relationships within this channel have developed. We know them, work with them, and educate on product and process improvements driving manufacturer initiatives into user segments. This channel has evolved but remains a core focus for Pittman Industrial Marketing. The evolution was not across all companies. Some remained small and continue to serve value to users. Others have grown into the Regional Traditional Distribution model. These distributors have increased distribution centers, sales offices, and some have entered into integrated supply.

BC Industrial
Oliver Van Horn
Jasper Industrial and Maintenance
Cutting Tools Inc.
JAC Industrial
B&R Industrial
J Supply
Weaver Supply
Cornerstone Supply
Fulton Supply
Alternatives for Industry
Alabama Tool & Supply