Abrasives are one of the oldest forms of material removal. This range of product includes bonded and coated abrasives in diamond, aluminum oxide, ceramic, zirconia and blended options for fast material removal by hand or machine.

Back-Up Pads & Accessories

Cut-off wheels

Flap Discs

Flap Wheels

Grinding Discs

Grinding Belts

Hand Pads

Hook & Loop Pads

Quick Change Discs

Stripping Discs

Resin Fiber Discs

Surface Prep Discs

Resin Bond Diamond Grinding

Metal Bonded Diamond Grinding

Vitrified Bond Grinding

Electroplated Grinding Tools

Diamond Dressers

Diamond Edge Grinding

Back Grinding Wheels for Semi-Conductors

CMP Pad Conditioners for Semi-Conductors